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Hi, I'm Lucas

I am an Australian software developer with over 17 years combined professional and hobbyist experience spread across many different fields with a focus on lower-level development. Most of my software is written in C or C++ but more recently I have been working on projects that are written in C#.

Over my career I have developed major desktop operating system components that are deployed to millions of users all over the world, complex embedded firmware for custom electronic devices that are used by blue chip mining and retail companies, and high performance video broadcasting software that processes gigabytes of data every second. Over the past few years I have mainly been working on video game engines and their related tools but unfortunately do not have any released titles at this stage. My current fields of focus are 3D graphics programming and world simulation.

A list of unreleased and unpolished video game prototypes that I have worked on over the years can be found here.

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Contract work

I am currently available for contract work. Feel free to contact me on any of the above social media accounts or send me an E-mail at lucas ? polyflare ? com.